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Cabinet doors form an essential part of the aesthetic value of any living space. It sets the colour, tone and mood for spaces in combination with other finishes. Make sure you carefully consider your choice of cabinet door design and trending colours to suite your lifestyle. The Loubser Wood Components ranges include:

  • Raised Panel Doors (5-piece) – Solid wood frame and raised (profiled) centre panel
  • Shaker Doors (5-piece) – Solid wood frame with flat veneer centre panel
  • MDF Doors – Flat surfaces through to integrated handle grips and Shaker patterns. Lacquer finished in white through to black and almost any colour in between.
  • Veneer-over-edge (“VOE”) – Chipboard core with 3mm solid wood edges (veneered over the edges) – Matching or mismatched elevation layouts
  • Impact veneer Chipboard core with 3mm solid edges (on edge) – Optimised across pre-veneer board (non-matching)
  • Impact edged Melamine – Melamine faced chipboard (MFC) edged with 0.8mm to 2.0mm ABS or PVC edges (PUR glue)


Panels and shelves add essential functionality and finishing to living spaces. It combines hand in hand with your cabinet doors to enhance the aesthetics of the room or kitchen and the optimisation of the space. Options in the range of panels and shelves include veneer-over-edge (“VOE”), impact veneer, melamine impact edge and floating shelves with a choice between VOE or MDF.

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When it comes to the working end of any living space, work surfaces must ensure durability and provide functionality. The touch and warmth of solid wood work surfaces often creates the focus point of that space. Choices include Random x 32T, Random x 44T and Bamboo x 28T/30T.


Loubser Wood Components ensures that durability and style combine when internal doors are designed and manufactured. The options range between various wood species for veneer-over-edge to paintable MDF.


Customised items and accessories like tables, servers, mouldings and turned legs are often essential to complete a living space. It is bespoke by nature and great care is taken by Loubser Wood Components to find the correct balance between functionality, style and the flow of a living space.


Complete assembled cabinets are made to order according to your design. Our in-house manufacturing, supported by our world class CNC machining, PUR glue edge-banding and premium hardware, provides an integrated and complete solution to your cabinetry requirements.